Our mission is to:


Assemble more than

specialists volunteering
their time

... and provide


sessions of free mental wellbeing support per month

+1.3 Million

…in an effort to support

NHS staff currently working tirelessly to keep us safe


The mental wellbeing of our NHS is on the line

These are unprecedented times, for our NHS and key health workers dedicated to keeping us safe from COVID-19. Not only are they working around the clock, but there’s also the fear of being exposed to a deadly virus.  This has an immense impact on the mental wellbeing of anyone working on the NHS frontline, no matter how resilient they may be.

Beyond the physical risks of the COVID-19 response effort

is the emotional wellbeing of our healthcare workers. This service is here to support them.

Dr Newman, CEO, Project High 5 CIC
We NEED your help to take care of those who look after us!

This is your chance to make a real difference for the heroes who make up our precious NHS.


Join the #HighFiveOurCarers initiative today and make a donation to help us provide as much mental wellbeing support as we possibly can for NHS staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I consider supporting an initiative like this?

Whilst the NHS has its own mental health response plan for staff, we hope that Project5 will free capacity and enable mental health teams that have been redeployed to help support their frontline colleagues to return to patient work (such as work with children and adolescents and other adult mental health work). 


How will my donation help support the mental
resilience and wellbeing of NHS staff?

Our first initiative has been to build a service that allows anyone who works in the NHS and who has been affected by COVID-19 the opportunity to access to free one-to-one support sessions with either accredited clinical psychologists, mental health experts or coaches. These sessions are booked through an online booking system (www.project5.org). Currently this service is free, but other vital work and initiatives that the NHS workforce really need cost money. Every single penny from your donations will go towards supporting the mental health and wellbeing of these carers. 


Shouldn’t the NHS pay for a service like this?

As we all know, the NHS is an extraordinary organisation committed to looking after our health and the health of its own staff. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has stretched the NHS’ resources to almost breaking point. In fact, so much of its resources have already been diverted to protect our country from potential disaster. This means any resources normally intended to protect the mental wellbeing of NHS staff has been redirected to protect us all from immediate danger. So it’s up to us to lend a hand, and do whatever we can to protect the NHS and everyone who is part of it. 


Is #HighFiveOurCarers a charity?

It is an initiative set up by not-for-profit Communities Interest Company (or CIC), Project 5. Our aim is to raise funds to help support the wellbeing of an already-overstretched NHS. 


Why aren't you part of the NHS group of charities? 

There is so much money being directed into the NHS at the moment, that is really great but it is hard for each donor to keep track of where that money is allocated and some people want to know exactly where their money is going and what it is going to support. By keeping ourselves separate, we can tell  exactly where and how we are spending your donations. In the first instance, the first round of donations will be used to support our booking platform, see if we can extend this offer to carers (e.g. people in old age care homes) and we are looking at trying to incorporate a suicide line. All our initiatives will be dictated to us based on the needs of the people who use the service and we will be 100% transparent as to where the money is being spent.

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