our service includes:


Access to 

specialists volunteering
their time

... and provide


sessions of free mental wellbeing support per month

+3 Million

…in an effort to support

NHS staff and care workers nationally


Help us to support our health & care workers to stay well at work

The emotional challenge of care work is hard.

Stress, burnout and fatigue are common and on the increase in our carer workforce.

Many of these staff can benefit from help when they are still well, but experiencing stress and perhaps noticing that they are struggling.

We provide that help - to keep them at work, successful and able to manage the challenges of their roles.

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There is a continued emotional wellbeing challenge for health and care workers. This service is here to support them.

Dr Newman, CEO, Project High 5 CIC

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I consider supporting Project5?

The wellbeing of Health and Care workers has been a recognised issue for many years, with repeated reports of decline in health and increases in depression, anxiety and insomnia.  This was pre-COVID-19  and we know that the situation has not improved.  For many staff it is imperative to get support early - so that they can stay at work well. 


How will my donation help support health and care workers?

Our wellbeing sessions are booked through an online booking system (www.project5.org). This service is free for any staff member who needs it.
Every single penny from your donations will go towards supporting the wellbeing of these workers. 
For people who use our service - they book an appointment immediately without the need to enter a waiting list.


Shouldn’t the NHS pay for a service like this?

The NHS are providing services, but our data suggest that they are already overloaded.  In addition, service users report that they particularly value the confidential and independent nature of our service.  Many tell us that they come to us because we are independent - they do not feel comfortable sharing their problems with their employing organisation.  


Is #HighFiveOurCarers a charity?

It is an initiative set up by not-for-profit Communities Interest Company (or CIC), Project 5.

Our aim is to raise funds to help support the wellbeing of an already over-stretched workforce.

More information about our funding strategy is available here.


Why aren't you part of the NHS group of charities? 

We often get asked this - but NHS charity money is only spent on NHS Trusts, which are charities.  They do not fund external projects.

 All our initiatives will be dictated to us based on the needs of the people who use the service and we will be 100% transparent as to where the money is being spent.

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